A Selection of Reviews from Satisfied Clients


“Hi. I’ve 2 nights good sleep for a change. Went straight out the door this morning with no hesitation. I have a little spring in my step since I saw you. Thank you. Xx”

Mel January 2024

“I came to Karen after allowing anxiety to run and ruin my adult life for around 30 years. After 6 sessions of highly effective and targeted BWRT, the results have been life changing and game changing for me. Wish I’d done it and come to Karen years ago but better late than never! Thank you so much Karen.”

Steve December 2023


Parents of children in competitive sports may well relate to the upset of their child having a mental block

“Karen was recommended to us by a friend whose daughter had similar struggles to ours so after reading up about BWRT, we decided to contact Karen to see if she thought she could help.

Our daughter was having struggles with her confidence and anxiety within her sport. She lives and breathes gymnastics however had started to develop mental blocks and freeze with anxiety with certain skills and as a result, developed an anxiety even going to gym with the anticipation of how a session would go.

I had an initial chat with Karen to give her a bit of background but then it was over to her and my daughter. My daughter is naturally quiet however with the right questions from Karen, she opened up to her about how she felt, how it was making her feel and how she wanted this to be which was just brilliant to hear.

We’ve had a few BWRT sessions with Karen now and have covered everything from the anxiety of getting to a session to mastering these difficult skills and I can’t honestly put in to words the difference in my daughter and what she’s achieved. It’s just incredible.

Karen was very open and said that this may be a longer process and as gymnastics is a journey there may be times when she needs some support with things that are more difficult along her journey. She was absolutely right but each time, Karen has listened to my daughter about how she feels and they’ve overcome any issues she has felt she’s is facing.

Honestly, we can’t recommend Karen highly enough.”

Emma June 2023


“After trying a lot of talking therapies I decided to try Karen at Hare Park Hypnotherapy. I wasnt sure of how or if it could work but I needed some significant change. After only 2 sessions I I was able to let go of emotions from the past which were holding me back. We also did a lot of work to prepare me for a career change after 7 years. I started my new job with a new found confidence and have enjoyed the whole process. I would recommend to anyone who wants to tune in to their emotions and alter their way of thinking long term.”

Bekki April 2023


“I was in a really dark place when it was suggested that I contact Karen. Previously I had counselling over the telephone with the NHS, but this did not work for me.

After arranging to meet Karen in person (although sessions can be done over Zoom), I was immediately put at ease. After my first session of BRWT therapy, I was not expecting to feel any different. How wrong I was, I came away from the session feeling mentally in control of my life for the first time in years. My sessions with Karen were weekly and after each session, I became more confident and felt that I was becoming the person I wanted to be.

Karen has real empathy and is quick to pick up on issues and discuss these in a way that was sympathetic and non-judgmental. Karen picked up on things in my past that I did not think were causing issues and we worked on these, as well as the issues I originally went to see her with.

After just three session of BRWT, I am now feeling so positive about life and my future. My family have noticed a huge difference and the positive impact on our family life is immeasurable.

I cannot thank Karen enough for helping me to find “me” again. “

Karen January 2023


“Since having sessions with Karen I have noticed I am now able to deal with my emotions and conflicts, I am especially enjoying & remembering my most beautiful memories. I have learnt how to celebrate the good/positive times & not focus/dwell on the negative.

I am very thankful to be to reverse these old emotions. Best of all is finding my beautiful inner self

PS As an added bonus I have also lost a stone in weight “

Diane October 2022


“I came to see Karen because of a bad habit i had when drunk & also about my anxiety. I was slightly skeptical at first whether it would work but she made me feel very comfortable and at ease when opening up about it all. I can confidently say after a few sessions she has definitely helped me come to terms with the things i were feeling and has also given me great advice and guidance to help me get through some of the things i tended to do when drunk. I would highly recommend her service to anyone and would happily go and see her again in the future if i ever felt the need to.”

Ben Sept 2022


“Karen helped me change my perception of the past and positively look into the future. Since having a few sessions with Karen. I have changed my job and made some really positive life changes.”

Amy June 2022


“Hi Karen, I just wanted to say thank you for enabling me to share my thoughts and fears in a safe environment. You have helped me to retrain my thoughts and have the endings and vision to move forward with my life and not let things from the past hold me back anymore”

CK June 2022


“I approached Karen for weight management , grief and also anxiety.

I didn’t really know what to expect but Karen put me at ease and explained everything.

After a few sessions my life is happier , the anxiety isn’t ruling and I’m even losing weight

Thank you Karen for your help ”

Karen March 2022

“Hi Karen, just to let you know I’m doing pretty good. probably better than I have been for quite a long time. I have energy. I don’t actually know where I would be now without your help. x”

Lynn March 2022


“ hi Karen, just to let you know I’ve been doing well since our last session. I don’t feel as anxious when driving, and I now feel fine with the relatives that used to really wind me up before “

Gary Feb 2022


“I came to Karen, following the loss of my estranged father, which brought up a lot of difficult and unsettling feelings that I needed to process.

I also wanted to change patterns in my behaviour that were no longer serving me.

I had a series of sessions with Karen, who was warm, down-to-earth and gently inquisitive. Karen helped me to draw conclusions to past experiences that were holding me back. Things that I wouldn’t have been able to solve or uncover on my own.

My sessions helped me to release buried emotions which I’d held on to since childhood. As a result, I feel lighter, less anxious and have a better understanding of myself.

I’ve also seen lots of positive changes in my behaviour since therapy… I’m more open and sociable, and I’ve built new relationships. This is one of the outcomes I set out for myself (with Karen) at the beginning of my therapy. Thanks so much for your help Karen!”

Dee January 2022


“I came to Karen following a personal recommendation that I would find it a useful process. Karen started by explaining her approach and giving time for my questions. She very skilfully built rapport, getting to know me and probing gently into my life history and key events. I felt that I was in good hands and quickly came to trust her and to believe that she could help me.

Karen’s depth of experience was evident in the way she posed questions, listened carefully to my answers and nudged me to think without jumping in with ‘the right answer’. In effect, it seemed that Karen was making me listen to myself. Over a series of 6 sessions, it was energising to examine some key aspects of my life and to realise how I had become stuck in a negative cycle of unhelpful responses to things that I had thought were beyond my control. I feel more grounded, I have taken back ownership and reconnected with who I am. Thank you Karen, you have given me the tools to go forward with optimism and enthusiasm! “



“Thank you so much for your help with the smoking. You were excellent, very professional, on a personal level as well. I would highly recommend your skills.”

Linda Nov 2021


“I went to visit Karen after battling with the loss of my husband and some other personal issues. On arrival she made me feel very comfortable and let me talk at my own pace and she sat and listened. After just one session she helped me to finally let my husband go and I now feel a lot better and able to cope and continue with my life. It was the best thing I ever did I only wish I had seen her earlier.”

Yvonne October 2021

“I would just like to say where I was 4 weeks ago to now its absolutely brilliant. I feel loads better thanks to Karen and now I have a more positive mindset and better thinking and a more healthier brain 😁 thankyou”

RB October2021

“I had a session today with Karen and she was amazing I feel great afterward instantly she was lovely and I felt so comfortable throughout thank you so much highly recommend”

Lauren  October 2021


“After just 5 sessions with Karen I’ve had the energy and confidence to take those big steps towards achieving my life goals.
I’ve bought my first house, found new depth to my relationship with parents and got 2 pay rises at work because my performance has been consistently improved. I’ve even taken up running! Which is something I never thought I’d say… I’m now living with genuine calm, clarity and my happiness and energy levels have never been higher.
This style of therapy was equally effective at helping with present day stressors as it was for healing historic traumas. And I will definitely be returning to Karen for more help in the future.
I couldn’t recommend highly enough, if you’re thinking about speaking to someone to improve your mental health then it’s well worth getting in touch and having a chat!
Thanks Karen, you’ve helped me loads ❤️”

Ben   July 2021

“As someone who has struggled with unresolved grief and anxiety on and off for years – and who’s tried myriad different therapies to boot! – I cannot recommend Karen’s services enough! The changes not only I but others have seen in me in such a short period of time are remarkable. Not only that, but Karen is a genuinely kind and warm person to talk to. I am finally starting to feel worthy and content in myself and where I am in life. And for the first time, I truly believe that I’m becoming the person I’m meant to be – something I couldn’t previously imagine myself saying. Thank you so much for everything, Karen.”

AC July 2021

“Therapy with Karen has transformed me into a better person. I’m happier, less anxious, calmer and more confident. I don’t feel angry any more. I was really nervous at first but Karen soon put me at ease. One of the best decisions I have ever made.”

ZT July 2021

“Would highly recommend Karen, she has helped me overcome some of my worse anxieties which I have been struggling with for years now in a matter of a few sessions.”

RW June 2021


“Week by week Karen has helped me work through some really complex emotions. My sessions came at a fairly critical point for me, and I am happy to say they’ve been fantastic and I feel lighter than I have in many months.

Karen is direct but non-judgemental and as a result this made hard topics easier to address head-on, which I really needed and appreciated.

I’d not hesitate to recommend.”

LB April 2021

“I can’t recommend Karen enough she has helped me to get my life back on track after having to take extended leave from work. Previous to working with Karen I had accessed a counselling service through work which was very time limited and did not make an impact in supporting me to deal with my anxiety and depression. Using BWRT sessions to support me to work through previous traumas that were continuing to affect my daily life, Karen has worked a miracle. I am now at a point where I am planning my return to work and looking to the future with a much more positive outlook. Working a front line role with the impact of Covid on my professional practice I really struggled. Thanks to Karen supporting me I feel much more able to adapt my work practice to take into account the changes that this has brought. Without having BWRT sessions and using other approaches I wouldn’t have been able to make these changes as effectively as I have.”

Mandy   March 2021

“I was (and still am) absolutely amazed by just how brilliant my BWRT with Karen was.
I was finally in a better place in my life when I reached out to Karen to help me sustain my happiness. I didn’t know much about this type of therapy but honestly… it’s some kind of magical wizardry! I had no idea I could feel this much BETTER than I was already feeling.
Karen is so incredibly kind and understanding and didn’t make me over share the details of my troubles. And she still fixed them. My relationship to those areas of my life have been softened and healed.
I feel lighter and much more in control of my thoughts and feelings now.
Highly recommended. 10/10. 5*
Thank you forever!”
Lindsey Feb 2021

“I started seeing Karen to help me focus on certain aspects of self improvement. After the first couple of sessions I noticed a difference. After four sessions (which is all it took) I feel healthier and happier. I thoroughly recommend Karen to those looking for positive change. Thank you, Karen
NC Feb 2021

“I never thought I would ever feel this normal again”
AB January 2021


“After years of feeling anxious about a range of things, but mainly my health, around Christmas I decided enough was enough and I needed to do something about it as it wasn’t doing my mental health any good. I have never done anything like this before so was worried about what it would involve. After our first chat over the phone, and many tears, Karen put me at ease and got me booked in within a couple of days for my initial chat to see where we would go. Throughout my sessions, Karen listened to everything I had to say no matter how small and we always managed to fit in a laugh every now and then. I left each session feeling calm and comforted in knowing that progress was being made. I highly recommend Karen to help with even the smallest thing – it really has changed my outlook on life.”
JD January 2021

“I would just like to say a big thankyou to Karen at Hare Park Hypnotherapy. I have recently got myself out of an unhappy marriage and was in a very very dark place emotionally and physically. I could see no way out of the situation I was in, after months of paranoia and mental abuse I had to do something about it for my own well being. When I contacted Karen I was very nervous about doing something like this but Karen made me feel at ease and didn’t judge me at all. In my first session she explained in detail everything that she would be doing, and I felt at ease telling her all my thoughts and problems I was having in my life. Even talking about it was a massive weight off my shoulders. After my first session with Karen I walked out feeling like my head wasn’t going to explode anymore and felt so much lighter and happier within myself. After just 3 sessions I can finally say I am now fully focused on being me and loving myself and I’m in a much happier place now. I can’t thank or recomend Karen enough for giving me back to being me, I’m a stronger person and in a better place than I’ve ever been .”
LB January 2021


“Through a friend’s recommendation, I found Karen at a time in my life where I was wading through my own dark night of the soul. I was feeling anxious and having panic attacks at the smallest of upsets after taking a break from working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Having previously never suffered at any length with my mental health, I was completely at a loss to what to do when my normal self-care was not enough to ease my anxiety. In my first session with Karen, she was so attentive to what I was saying and I could really feel that she was seeking to understand what had led me there. Karen is kind, non-judgemental and actively listens. It only took one session of BWRT with her for me to wake up the next morning feeling instantly better. Once the acute mental health symptoms were calmed, Karen helped me look into my past to understand myself better and why I was experiencing this upset. I am eternally grateful to her and I highly recommend her as a therapist.”
Laura   December 2020


“I started therapy with Karen on a weekly basis after a difficult period in my life following a bit of a crisis. She used a technique called BWRT , I was not familiar with it and had not come across the term. I believe it alters the pathways in your brain to enable the brain to evoke a different response than usual to difficult and painful situations.
She is a sympathetic person, easy to talk to and non judgemental. She is very reliable and communicates well. Without me sharing a huge amount of information about me, she very quickly got a sense of my issues and the areas I struggle with.
As our sessions progressed I have become less anxious and feel more in control of my emotions and better able to manage them. I continue to make progress and to feel positive. I do feel the work Karen did with me has made a real difference to my life. I am feeling much more content and happy. “
SP November 2020

“Hi karen
Its been a while since I came to see you and thought it would be nice to let you know after our session I first thought it hadn’t worked but then I noticed I wasn’t reaching for sweets and cakes as much now I can have them in the house and not eat them all,I do sometimes have 1 or 2 pastilles but before it would have been the bag have tried this before with another therapist but not worked for me but I think you identified my triggers and its worked brilliant have now lost 2.5 stone since seeing you so thanks for that best wishes Gwen”
Gwen   November 2020

“Thank you Karen for helping me with long standing bereavement issues. At last I feel a sense of closure. “
Liz  October 2020


“I am an emergency doctor working front line in hospitals during the COVID crisis. At the start of the pandemic, I noticed that I was becoming increasingly anxious and negative, when previously I have always loved my job and looked forwards to going to work. After a particularly miserable night shift where I had to tell multiple families that their relatives had died, I found myself coming home and drinking wine at 10am in despair. I felt helpless, noticed unhealthy brain patterns and realised that something had to change. 

I feel very lucky that an advert popped up on my laptop, prompting me to register for free counselling services through Frontline 19. I am so grateful that Karen Preiss then contacted me and provided me with 3 or 4 long sessions. She introduced me to the technique of BWRT, which is absolutely fascinating. Even after one session I felt more able to manage stressful situations and more in control of my responses and reactions. 

Karen’s manner is absolutely wonderful, and I really looked forwards to the sessions during lockdown as each one felt constructive and calming. Even when I was working erratic shift patterns she kindly remembered to check in and see if I felt as though I required another session. I am now really open to different techniques of engaging positive neural pathways, and will continue to try and use the techniques that Karen has run through with me in order to reduce unhealthy stress responses. I have already and will thoroughly recommend this therapy to both my patients and colleagues. Thank you so much for your help and time. “

IR, London July 2020


“I  highly recommend Karen. She helped me with anxiety and self esteem issues using BWRT via Zoom through lockdown, and the difference in me is amazing. I was a bit sceptical at first on how it worked but once I believed in it and what Karen was saying I feel like a new person. Karen is so friendly and nice and I would 100% recommend her to anyone.”

Colette  June 2020


“Definitely recommend. I felt so well after just one session. Wish I’d of done it a lot sooner. It’s weird can’t believe how good I feel. Fantastic will 100% use again if I needed to. Thank you Karen”

Paula      June 2020


“Karen is doing a great job dealing with a complex set of problems, and a personal set of challenges presented by myself, she is positive and professional” 

Alison     June 2020


“Hypnotherapy works!

After 5+ years of suffering with anxiety and agoraphobia, 2 hypnotherapy sessions with Karen Preiss I am now going for walks and socialising, Thank you Karen!” – Stephen C  Feb 2017

“I had agoraphobia and anxiety attacks i did not leave the house for about 8 years i went to see karen and two months later  I had a job and started going out again she gave me my life back and would highly recommend thank you again”  -Stephen C June 2020 update


“I can highly recommend.
Very helpful aftercare also given
Kelly  October 2019


Fantastic service, has really helped me get over some really difficult issues and move on with my life.
Liz  – January 2019


I would highly recommend Karen Preiss for BWRT. My daughter is a competitive gymnast and we visited Karen to address some blocks she had on certain moves that she could previously do confidently. 

Karen knowledge gathered all relevant information before the session and then made my daughter feel very comfortable on the day. 

The process Karen used resulted in my daughter doing the moves with ease her first session back at training. 

My daughter even says afterwards “wow it worked, “Karen has taken my fear away”. 

I wouldn’t hesitate using Karen again in the future if we came across similar hurdles. 

Fran  – January 2020