Suffering from Grief and Bereavement?

Grief is an emotion felt by most of us at some stage in our lives. It can be caused by the passing of a loved one, a divorce or relationship breakup, infertility and the loss of a family that will never be, the diagnosis of a terminal illness, the death of a beloved pet, a job loss. . .

Grief can manifest as a range of emotions – including sorrow, anger, guilt or resentment. Anger at the person who has left you behind. Guilt that you’re still here and they have gone. Guilt that you exchanged cross words with a loved one before they died. You may have lost a loved one after a long illness so you forget what they were like during happier times.

Hypnotherapy and BWRT can help you cope with the various aspects of grief. It can help give you closure. In bereavement it can give you the chance to say a loving goodbye. It can help you get over that broken relationship to be ready to move on. Contact me to find out more.