Anxiety and Stress


Most people feel the effects of stress from time to time. Our natural response to stress allowed our ancient ancestors to either fight or run to escape from danger and this still serves its purpose today. Positive stress can help keep us focused and motivated, or enhance the excitement of a special occasion. However certain life events are well documented to produce high levels of stress, and continued exposure to lesser stress events can create a build up of negative tension that can impact our mental and physical health. 

Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension about a situation or a fear that something that may happen the future. Like stress, moderate levels of anxiety are a normal part of modern life, however for some people anxious feelings dominate their lives. Anxiety may originate from an event or life experience in a persons past that they fear might be repeated. Severe anxiety can manifest as a panic attack and often people feel anxiety in the form of a fear that the panic attack will occur, this creates a vicious circle.