About BWRT


I am a registered ‘BWRT®’ practitioner. BWRT stands for ‘Brain Working Recursive Therapy®’, a model of psychology and psychotherapy created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts. 

What is BWRT

The simple explanation is that BWRT uses neuroplasticity, that is the ability of our brains to change our responses to the impulses and triggers around us, which allows us to take back control of our lives.  BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy, which means the brains ability to continually assess inputs and adjust its responses. In BWRT therapy we use this to replace our standard response with a more appropriate preferred response. 

An explanation of how this works is below

  • When the brain recognises a pattern, it creates a response in the form of a neural pathway that originates in the earliest developed part of the human brain, the reptilian complex (RC).
  • The RC recognises patterns of signals and responds with a neural
    pathway. If we survive the RC has done its job.
  • Every time the RC sees the same pattern of signals it forms the same
    neural pathway because that has kept it safe (alive) in the past
  • The next time the brain recognises that pattern of signals it will create the same pathway, regardless of the preference of our conscious mind. This can cause to be anxiety, panic attacks, depression etc
  • There is a delay of around 1/3 of a second between the formation of
    the neural pathway and our being consciously aware of the response –
    think of catching a ball – we’ve caught the ball before we even realise what our response has been.
  • During BWRT therapy,  an unwanted response is replaced by the clients chosen preferred response. 

What can BWRT help with?

Issues such as Anxiety, grief, trauma, PTSD, depression, OCD, addictions, confidence, self esteem, weight management and more. . .

It works really well using online platforms such as zoom.

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Only Certified Practitioners who have been trained and who adhere to a strict ethical code can deliver BWRT®